About Us 

Marianne Chastain was born and raised in New England, where she always had a love for the sea.  In 1989 when she had a chance to move to Florida with her corporate job, it only made sense to be even closer to what she loved most “the sea” and all it had to offer.   Years later she is finally pursuing her long time dream. 

She states "for as long as she can remember she dreamed of having her own business.  Although she has worked in the corporate world for many years she always felt like something was missing.  Her jewelry creating began as a therapeutic release after a long stressful day at the office.  She started out making jewelry for herself and gifts for family and friends.  She had no idea it would blossom into a business.  In late 2012 due to the unexpected death of her mom, she decided it was time to take her mom's advice and follow her long time dream.  So in early 2013 "THE BLUEWATER BOUTIQUE" was established, specializing in handcrafted jewelry and accessories.  She gives special thanks to her husband David for his encouragement, love and support.

What inspires her most is the natural beauty of the shimmery turquoise waters, soft beige sands, vast blue skies, bleached whiteness of a sand dollar, graceful sea creatures and the orange-red glow of an amazing sunset.  Her designs are simple yet elegant, handcrafted jewelry made from a variety of materials ranging from genuine gemstones, natural shells, sea glass, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and pewter.  She says it's true enjoyment sharing her jewelry and accessories with others, it gives her a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

"Follow your dreams, be yourself by doing the things you love to do."